Routine & Scheduled Maintenance

Protect your investment and stay safe on the water

Hull polishing

A high quality cut & polish will ensure your boat has the best possible protection from UV exposure using superior compounds and wax to give long lasting gloss and gelcoat protection above the waterline.

Gel repairs

Gel repairs, whether large or small can be considered an art. The skill required to blend pigments to match an existing gelcoat should not be underestimated. We have long experience of this side of repairs and will match and repair gelcoat with care and a critical eye for detail.


Application of conventional antifouling paints, including surface preparation and removal where necessary. Preparation and application of Coppercoat™ (see Osmosis Treatment & Hull Coatings). Blast removal of hull coatings using various blasting media can be employed in our designated blasting bay, from soda crystals or crushed glass to heavy grit depending on the application and substrate.

Skin fittings & Seacocks

Ball valves, gate valves and Blakes skin fittings. Replacement or servicing as required including associated plumbing and fittings. Installation of new seacocks, or removing and blanking off redundant ones. Plumbing, toilets and holding tanks. Complete systems designed, modified, installed or serviced.

Rudder bearings

Inspection and/or replacement of this essential part – where a manufacturer’s part is not readily available we can get a replacement made in a variety of materials, depending on the application.

Bespoke Stainless Steel fabrication

Any and all stainless fabrication work can be undertaken including pulpits/pushpits, tanks etc. from design and construction to fitting, repairs and modification.

Electrics and Electronics

Replacement instruments, nav lights and transducers, complete system overhaul and diagnostics.

Routine & Scheduled MaintenanceRoutine & Scheduled Maintenance