Keel Removal & Refitting

Rudders, foils and other bespoke work

Removing the keel of a yacht can be a daunting prospect to the owner. We have long experience of removing and refitting iron and lead keels from a wide variety of yachts. Our long relationship with Baltic Wharf boatyard enables our staff to work closely and carefully together, each with a clear understanding of what is required from their part in the process.

Keel removal generally is required for one of two reasons; either following a grounding and to enable the effective repair of damage sustained to the hull (which may be covered under your insurance policy) or due to suspect fixings (keel bolts) which may be leaking or showing signs of corrosion. These can sometimes be withdrawn for inspection without the removal of the keel, but where a leak is evident, there is really only one way to resolve it with any real confidence, and that is through removal and re-fitting the keel with new sealant, and replacing any studs or backing plates that may require it.

Iron keels can be grit blasted, faired and epoxied either on or off the vessel. This provides long-term protection from rust, where surface prep with a grinder is insufficient. Damaged or dented lead keels can be dressed in and filled/faired to bring them back to original form.

We can also split rudder blades for repair if they have become waterlogged, or damaged in any other way, re-building with epoxy and closed cell foam. This allows careful examination of the stock and tangs (webs) that secure the blade to the stock and any remedial work that may be required. We have built new rudders both as a direct replacement for a damaged item (i.e from the remains of an existing rudder) or to put a new blade on the existing stock for improved performance – we have the experience and the skill.

Keel Removal

Keel Removal