Cosmetic Hull Coatings & Paintwork

Refinishing above the waterline

There are always options when it comes to re-finishing a hull. The main point is to get accurate information from a trusted source before making your decision as to which paint system to specify, whether to re-gel instead or just keep polishing for another year!

It is important to have technical guidance when making this level of investment in your boat.

Some of the factors that come into play are longevity of colour and gloss retention, resistance to abrasion and the ability to have any future repairs carried out. We will explain the pros and cons of your considered options and help you to reach a decision that you are fully confident in.

Once your exact requirements have been established, we will detail the technical elements and provide a comprehensive written specification of all processes and materials required.

We carry out the vast majority of our paintwork using the Awlgrip Paint System, widely regarded as the market leader in yacht coatings. We can of course apply a wide variety of coating materials including single-pack and two-pack paints and varnishes (both by spray application or by hand).

Cosmetic Hull Coatings and PaintworkCosmetic Hull Coatings and Paintwork