Our services

Refit, repair and maintenance

Our team of committed craftsmen have the experience and resourcefulness to engage in all types of boat repairs – from the Gelplane and HotVac systems to treat osmosis to the final coat of varnish on gleaming bright-work, we have yet to turn down an enquiry.

Whether you need insurance repairs assessed and carried out, or are simply looking for annual maintenance, we’re confident you’ll find our level of service is second to none. We seek to provide owners with the best of traditional skills combined with state-of-the-art materials and techniques for all levels of project, from extensive repair to carefully colour-matching gelcoat or paint.

Our team will assist you with every step to ensure your boat is repaired and finished to the highest standard and within budget. Our service includes advice on the most suitable type of repair, materials and techniques to be used as well as forward planning timescales and project management. We’re happy to provide free estimates for any boat repairs required, with no obligation.